We are the primary repository of two major models :


TIAM (TIMES Integrated Assessment Model) is a detailed, technology-rich global TIMES model. It is the outcome of global modeling work over the past decade by us and a few close collaborators.

It is a multi-region partial equilibrium model of the energy systems of the entire World divided in sixteen regions. The regional modules are linked by trade variables of the main energy forms (coal, oil, gas) and of emission permits.


The Pan-European TIMES (PET) is a multi-country model where the energy system of each country of the EU27, plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland is represented separately, and linked to the others by the trade of energy commodities. It was initially developed within the European NEEDS project (New Energy Externalities Developments for Sustainability is a project funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the EU It has been enhanced by RES2020 in the representation of Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies.